A Touch Of Dead by Charlaine Harris

No. of pages: 192
Rating: 8/10
Series: Sookie Stackhouse (short stories collection)

Synopsis: New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris has re-imagined the supernatural world with her Southern Vampire novels starring telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse. Now, for the first time, here is every Sookie Stackhouse short story ever written—together in one volume. Stories include “Fairy Dust,” “One Word Answer,” “Dracula Night,” “Lucky,” and “Giftwrap.”

Review: Five short stories featuring the characters of the Sookie Stackhouse series. The stories are ~ Fairy Dust: Sookie helps Claude and Claudine find out how Claudette died. Dracula Night: Sookie is invited to Fangtasia for a party to celebrate the birthday of Dracula. One Word Answer: Sookie is informed of Hadley's demise. Lucky: Sookie and Amelia need to find out who's sabotaging the town's insurance agents. Gift Wrap: Sookie gets an unexpected christmas gift. Each of the short stories are set at different points throughout the main series, but are in chronological order in the book.

Sadly this wasn't as good as I was expecting, but it was still really nice to read something new from the Sookie universe. Of the five stories, my favourite by far was Dracula Night, I thought Eric was being his usual hilarious self, and that made it much better than the other stories. My least favourite was Gift Wrap, I thought the premise behind the whole thing was just creepy and rather disgusting! I thought Lucky was pretty boring and pointless, and the same with One Word Answer, but I quite enjoyed Fairy Dust, as I like the characters of Claudine and Claude and so it's always nice to read about them. Overall, this is a nice interlude whilst waiting for the next novel in the series, but is nowhere near as good as the series books.

The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver

No. of pages: 430
Rating: 9/10

Synopsis: Wyatt Gillette, a cybergenius who's never used his phenomenal talent for evil, is sitting in a California jail doing time for a few harmless computer capers when he gets a temporary reprieve--a chance to help the Computer Crimes Unit of the state police nail a cracker (a criminally inclined hacker) called Phate who's using his ingenious program, Trapdoor, to lure innocent victims to their death by infiltrating their computers. Gillette and Phate were once the kings of cyberspace--the Blue Nowhere of the title--but Phate has gone way past the mischievous electronic pranks they once pulled and crossed over to the dark side.

Review: A cracker called Phate has found a way to invade people's computers, taking every piece of information about them from the machine and is then using it to murder them horrifically. The Crimes Computer Unit bring in Wyatt Gillette, a hacker that's in prison, to help them try and find Phate, but the Blue Nowhere is big, and Phate is determined to stay hidden...

This is the first Deaver I've read, but I knew from other people's reviews of him that he would be someone I'd love, and I was right. I was actually surprised at how he manages to make you feel like you've guessed what's going to happen and who the bad guy is, and then he does the complete opposite thing and throws you completely off track! A great storyline, actually quite scary when you think of something like this being possible. It goes to show that we really put our whole lives into our computers and never think about who could get into them and read everything. I loved Wyatt as a character, he and Bishop were my favourites, and I thought they were both written really well. My one dislike, and the reason I've knocked the 0.5 off is because there were so many male police officers, that I found it quite hard to remember who was who at times, and that frustrated me a little, but overall I loved the book and definitely will be reading another Deaver soon! Recommended for fans of thrillers, because in terms of not being able to guess what will happen next, this is one of the best I've ever read.

I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak

No. of pages: 357
Rating: 9/10

Synopsis: Meet Ed Kennedy—underage cabdriver, pathetic cardplayer, and useless at romance. He lives in a shack with his coffee-addicted dog, the Doorman, and he’s hopelessly in love with his best friend, Audrey. His life is one of peaceful routine and incompetence, until he inadvertently stops a bank robbery. That’s when the first Ace arrives. That’s when Ed becomes the messenger...

Chosen to care, he makes his way through town helping and hurting (when necessary), until only one question remains: Who’s behind Ed’s mission?

Review: When Ed accidentally stops a bank robbery, he's considered a hero. Then the aces start arriving, on each ace are a list of people Ed has to help, so off on his mission he goes, only it's not exactly what he expected. This book follows Ed as he tries to help the people on the aces he's sent, wondering all the while who's behind it all...

Reading the first few chapters of this I didn't really think it was my 'thing', it took a while to get used to the writing but once I did I really enjoyed it. Ed the main character is completely loveable, even though he's supposed to be a weak aimless guy, you can't help but like him for it, especially as the story moves along. The other characters of the people Ed helps were great too, you really had a sense of why they needed whatever they did, and so you kind of felt like you really got to know each and everyone one, even though most were only briefly there. The story itself is really good, it kept me wondering who would be next and what would happen, and it kept it up right until the last page. Definitely one I'd recommend, it's a great book, although don't go into it thinking it'll be like The Book Thief, because it's completely different, but not in a bad way.

The Girlfriend Experience by Rebecca 'Bea' Dakin

No. of pages: 386
Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: Rebecca Dakin - or Bea, as she is known to her clients, is an honest, friendly and vibrant woman. She is a fun-loving lady who oozes passion and is a slender, natural blonde. In short, she is every man's dream... She specialises in offering what she calls 'the girlfriend experience'. A date with Bea is a million miles away from the sex-fuelled romps that most people imagine when they think of escorts. She prefers longer and more relaxed dates and expects her dates to be a two-way thing. Here for the first time, a modern-day escort is prepared to put her name and face to her story and reveal exactly what she gets up to behind closed doors. Dispelling the myths and preconceptions that surround her job, Rebecca tells all - the glamorous, the grim and the downright hilarious. A frank memoir, with no detail spared, this book gives a unique insight into the intimate adventures of one of Britain's most notorious escorts.

Review: A frank behind the scenes look at what it's like to be an escort, specifically one that offers the 'Girlfriend Experience'. The GFE entails more than just sleeping with a client, it includes a dinner date, maybe a walk or a show, and acting more like a couple. The book's chapters alternate between memorable clients/stories and her life outside of escorting, with regards to relationships with family, boyfriends and friends.

For some reason I wasn't expecting this book to be quite so frank, with regards to the sexual stories about clients, and intially I was surprised. But I quickly got used to the way the book was written and it was really interesting to read more about what happens behind closed doors when it comes to the escorting life. Some of the stories told made me laugh and others made me cringe, for example, when Bea went on a date with a guy who when eating, had fish all around his face. I would find that incredibly repulsive and think Bea is a better lady than me to put up with such disgusting manners! I also think it's a brave thing to bring out a book such as this, because of the bad 'slutty' reputations escorts can have, but Bea shows it doesn't have to be like that at all. An enjoyable read, although one definitely not for teens because of the sexual descriptions. If you're interested in what goes on the behind closed doors of an escort, or are just generally curious, this is the book for you, it's very open and shows you the warts and all aspect of the escorting profession.

The Passion by L.J. Smith

No. of pages: 240
Rating: 5/10
Series: Dark Visions (Book 3)

Synopsis: Nearly escaping from the evil, Kaitlyn Fairchild and her psychic team are dismayed when Gabriel defects to the evil side, and Kaitlyn pretends to betray the group as well in an effort to save her friend.

Review: When Gabriel decides to leave the group and is drawn back to the evil influences, the group is devestated, especially Kaitlyn. So she decides to go back too, pretending she's gone to the bad side in order to save Gabriel and bring him back safely.

For some reason I felt like this book dragged a lot, the plot although not written badly, just didn't grip me at all. I was quite disappointed because the series started out so well with the first book, but just gradually got worse from the beginning of book two, which is a shame as it had such premise. The ending seemed like it was massively rushed, all perfectly wrapped up in the last few pages, which just didn't seem to fit the story or the characters up to that point. It was an okay series to read and overall I give the series a 3/5.

The Possessed by L.J. Smith

No. of pages: 232
Rating: 7/10
Series: Dark Visions (Book 2)

Synopsis: A second volume in the Dark Visions trilogy follows Kaitlyn Fairchild and her four friends as they listen to the psychic voices calling them and travel to an isolated house, where terror awaits.

Review: Kait and the gang are travelling across the country, looking for the beach house they keep seeing in their dreams, but the journey is not easy, and there are lots of surprises in store...

I didn't think this was as good as the first book, but it was still an easy and interesting read. In this book the group face a different set of challenges and problems, and fight to overcome them with the support of each other. The characters and relationships with each other are starting to develop more as the series goes on, and after the cliff hanger at the end of this book, I interested to see where the final book in the series will take the group.

The Strange Power by L.J. Smith

No. of pages: 250
Rating: 8/10
Series: Dark Visions (Book 1)

Synopsis: Kaitlyn Fairchild's prophetic drawings frighten her, but she is offered a scholarship to the Zetes Institute with four other psychically gifted students that seems like a new beginning--until they discover an experiment that can destroy them all.

Review: Kaitlyn has always been an outcast because of the things she can predict with her drawings. So when she is offered a place at the Zetes Institute to learn to control her power, she's eager to go. There she meets 4 other teenagers with similar mental powers and together they start their testing. But it soon becomes clear that things are not as they seem, and the 5 teens must battle to find the truth...

It didn't take me long to read this at all, because it's such an easy read. The storyline is interesting and gripping enough to keep the story flowing nicely. Although there are quite a few characters to get to know, it's pretty easy because each has their own distinct personality, so they're easy to distinguish between. Enjoyable overall, a nice easy read, well written, with some fun characters. Something for fans of YA books, or books with a supernatural theme.

The Taking by Dean Koontz

No. of pages: 410
Rating: 8/10

Synopsis: On the morning that marks the end of the world they have known, Molly and Neil Sloan awaken to the drumbeat of rain on their roof. A luminous silvery downpour is drenching their small Californian mountain town. It has haunted their sleep, invaded their dreams, and now, in the moody purple dawn, the young couple cannot shake the sense of something terribly wrong.

As the hours pass, Molly and Neil listen to disturbing news of extreme weather phenomena across the globe. By nightfall, their little town loses all contact with the outside world. A thick fog transforms the once-friendly village into a ghostly labyrinth. And soon the Sloans and their neighbors will be forced to draw on reserves of courage and humanity they never knew they had. For within the misty gloom they will encounter something that reveals in a shattering instant what is happening to their world...

Review: Waking up to a loud luminescent rain, Molly Sloan knows something is about to happen, but even she cannot imagine the horror that is coming. Creatures and beings from another world roam the streets filled with a heavy fog, while Molly and her husband Neil try to figure out how to survive...

This was the first science fiction type book that I've read, so I wasn't really sure what to expect or if I'd enjoy it at all, but I actually really liked the plot which I found a little surprising, as I didn't think this was my kind of 'thing'. The story was really well written, with loads of great descriptions and it was so creepy in places. Molly and Neil were great characters, realistically written and believeable. My one major dislike was the ending, I really didn't like the way it was explained away, and I thought it was completely unnecessary, that bit could have been left out and it would have much better. But still was an enjoyable read, and would recommend to people who like a creepy book, or are into science fiction.

Girl Missing by Tess Gerritsen

No. of pages: 271
Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: The first body is a mystery. She's young. She's beautiful. And her corpse, laid out in the office of Boston medical examiner Kat Novak, betrays no secrets - except for a notebook clutched in one stiff hand, seven numbers scrawled inside. The next body is a warning. When a second victim is discovered, Kat begins to fear that a serial killer is stalking the city streets: a shadowy madman without mercy or apparent motive. The police are sceptical. The mayor won't listen. And Kat's chief suspect is one of the city's most prominent citizens. The final body...might be hers. With the death toll rising, Kat races to expose a deadly conspiracy and the brutal killer at its heart - a killer who will stalk her from the dangerous streets of the inner city to the corridors of power. Because he's closer than she ever dreamt. And every move she makes could be her very last.

Review: People start dying from overdosing on a new drug, one that's never been seen before. When Kat tries to tell the police and the mayor, she gets brushed off. So she decides to get to the bottom of it herself, but will she get out of it alive?

Before writing thrillers, Tess Gerritsen used to write romantic thrillers, heavy on the romance. Girl Missing is the first book in where she tries to make the transition to mainly thriller and not so much romance. Whilst not as good as her more recent books, there is a noticeable difference between this book and her more romantic type books. I liked the characters of Kat and Adam, and the thriller side of the plot was pretty good, gripping enough that I read it in one sitting, although it was a tad predictable. Worth a read I think if you're a fan of Gerritsen's or of romantic thrillers.

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

No. of pages: 434
Rating: 10/10
Series: The Wolves Of Mercy Falls (Book 1)

Synopsis: For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf - her wolf - is a chilling presence she can't seem to live without. Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the pack, and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, a few precious months of being human ... until the cold makes him shift back again.

Now, Grace meets a yellow-eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away. It's her wolf. It has to be. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human - or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever.

Review: Grace loves to look into the woods behind her house and watch the pack of wolves that live there during the winter, in particular there's one wolf with yellow eyes who she's always been strangely attracted to. But she always misses them during the long summer months when they seem to go somewhere else, that is until she sees a human boy with those strange yellow eyes, and realises there's more to the wolves in the woods than she thought...

I really enjoyed Shiver, I thought it was really well written and the storyline was great. It's kinda like what Twilight's Bella and Jacob would have been if there was never an Edward. Grace and Sam are interesting and well rounded characters, and I love how their relationship evolves over the length of the book, and I also really liked Stiefvater's take on werewolves, how their bodies automatically change with the cold rather than by the moon or by will. The ending was perfect for the story I felt, and I truly can't wait until Linger is released later this year. For me, this was one of the most enjoyable YA books I've ever read. Definitely one for fans of werewolf stories, or YA supernatural fiction.

Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The World by Vicki Myron

No. of pages: 304
Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: Dewey's story starts in the worst possible way. Only a few weeks old, on the coldest night of the year, he was stuffed into the returned book slot at the Spencer Public Library. He was found the next morning by library director, Vicki Myron, a single mother who had survived a lot herself. Dewey won her heart, and the hearts of the staff, by pulling himself up and hobbling on frostbitten feet to nudge each of them in a gesture of thanks and love. For the next nineteen years, he never stopped charming the people of Spencer with his enthusiasm, warmth, humility, (for a cat) and, above all, his sixth sense about who needed him most.

As his fame grew from town to town, then state to state, and finally, amazingly, worldwide, Dewey became more than just a friend; he became a source of pride for an extraordinary Heartland farming town pulling its way slowly back from the greatest crisis in its long history.

Review: When Vicki Myron goes to work one freezing January morning, the last thing she expects to find is a tiny kitten in the overnight returns box of the library she works in. However, that is exactly what she found, and there in started the story of Dewey Readmore Books, the library cat of Spencer, Iowa. The book chronicles the 19 years Dewey spent living in the library, and also the life of Vicki Myron, the author of the book.

A sweet, funny book about a crazy cat who loves being the object of so much love and attention. Starting with finding Dewey in the library overnight drop off box, the book tells about how the library board allowed Dewey to remain in the library as a library cat, and how Dewey became famous the world over because of his story. Definitely an enjoyable read, although I don't really understand why the author felt she needed to write about her childhood and family problems, when the book is marketed as being a book about just Dewey. I just felt it was unnecessary and took away from the main story that was trying to be told, however, it is very clear that Vicki Myron adored Dewey. Some of the hijinks that are written about did make me laugh aloud, he seemed a very happy cheeky little cat, and this is a lovely summary of his life. Recommended to fans of cats, or animals in general, and to people who enjoyed Marley and Me.

Evermore by Alyson Noel

No. of pages: 356
Rating: 8/10
Series: The Immortals (Book 1)

Synopsis: Since a horrible accident claimed the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever can see auras, hear people’s thoughts, and know a person’s life story by touch. Going out of her way to shield herself from human contact to suppress her abilities has branded her as a freak at her new high school— but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste. Ever sees Damen and feels an instant recognition. He is gorgeous, exotic and wealthy, and he holds many secrets. Damen is able to make things appear and disappear, he always seems to know what she’s thinking— and he’s the only one who can silence the noise and the random energy in her head. But she doesn’t know who he really is— or what he is.

Review: Since being in a terrible car accident that killed her family, Ever has been psychic - she sees auras, hears thoughts and feels everything a person feels when they touch her. That is until she meets Damen Auguste, she can't hear or feel anything from him, and it's a welcome relief. But Damen is hiding big secrets, things he doesn't want Ever to find out...

I quite enjoyed this book, the premise was along the lines of Sookie - with the mind-reading female and the silent male, and Twilight - with the obsessed, almost creepy boyfriend and the girl who thinks she's nothing. Written for teenagers, it's very easy to read, the storyline whilst nothing particularly special or original is enjoyable enough, and flows along nicely. I think fans of Twilight will probably enjoy this, although in my opinion Twilight is better, but this has the potential to grow into a interesting series, so I will certainly be reading the next book Blue Moon when it's released in March in the hopes it's as good as this one was.

By The Time You Read This by Lola Jaye

No. of pages: 321
Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: This is a manual for my daughter Lois. Here are the rules:
1. You must only read each new entry on your birthday, there is one for every year until you are thirty.
2. This is a private manual between you and me.
3. No peeping at the next entry unless it's your birthday!

When Lois Bates is handed the manual, she can barely bring herself to read it as the pain of losing her dad is still so raw. Yet soon his advice is guiding her through every stange of her life - from first love and relationships to her career.

Review: When Lois is 12, she is given a manual that was written for her by her dead father. Inside the manual, her father guides her through life by the way of letters written for her to read on every birthday until she's 30. But while she is clinging to her father and his manual so hard, how will Lois ever learn the lessons he writes about?

This was a comfortable read, something you can just sit back and relax with because it's not very taxing. The story itself is interesting enough, there are a few twists and turns to keep the story flowing, but it's nothing particularly amazing. The plot is along the lines of P.S. I Love You and Things I Want My Daughters To Know, so if you like those books this might be something you'd be interested in, although I wouldn't consider this one to be as good as either of the ones I mentioned. I really disliked where the author tried to be a 'teen' at the beginning, the way she made Lois talk was so stupid and I don't remember talking like that when I was 12, but maybe I'm just old now! I also thought Lois was a rather shallow and selfish character, so I found it hard to become attached to her. Overall, it was an okay book, worth a read but not something I'd read again.

Breakneck by Erica Spindler

No. of pages: 375
Rating: 10/10
Series: Kitt Lundgren (Book 2)

Synopsis: Hot on the heels of their last case, partners Mary Catherine (M.C.) Riggio and Kitt Lundgren, detectives in the police department's Violent Crimes Bureau in industrial, blue-collar Rockford, Illinois, are called out to a college student’s apartment where a young man with no criminal record, not even a noise complaint from his neighbors, appears to have been murdered in his sleep. The trail seems cold, until another victim turns up, and then another… each one striking closer to home for M.C. The growing list of seemingly emotionless kills leaves M.C. and Kitt little to follow—like the first victim, all the targets are young adults, kid-next-door types who’ve never taken a step outside the law. Meanwhile, the case starts to take its toll on M.C.’s personal life, setting her on edge with her partner and putting their hard-earned friendship in jeopardy. As M.C. and Kitt hunt a faceless killer, they are led deep into the cyberuniverse, where no one is who he seems and you never know who's watching. At the heart of this mesmerizing thriller is the relationship between two headstrong women as they struggle to balance their dual roles, to learn to trust, and to walk the fine line between upholding the law—and taking it into their own hands.

Review: When several seemingly unconnected young adults start to die in the same way, M.C. and Kitt must race against the killer to find the motive and protect more people from dying, but can they do it before the killer gets to them first?

Another fantastic installment from Erica Spindler, Breakneck follows on from the equally fantastic Copycat, but can be read independently. Apart from having to sleep, I couldn't put it down! It kept me gripped from the very first page, right up until the very last. I loved the way this book played on the more modern fears of the internet and it's dangers of not knowing who is behind a screenname. Along with the main story plot of the murders, there's also the lives of the two female detectives weaved into the story, you really feel like you get to know them as people and what drives them to do what they do. I would definitely recommend this to Spindler fans or to people who enjoy a good mystery thriller. She's one of my favourite authors and I can't wait to get my hands on another of her books. Enjoyable every time!

Bareback by Kit Whitfield

No. of pages: 368
Rating: 6/10

Synopsis: It is a world much like our own, with one deadly difference: ninety-nine percent of the population is lycanthropic. When the full moon rises, humans transform into lunes, blood thirsty beasts who cannot be reasoned with or tamed. Those few born unable to change are disparagingly known as barebacks, and live as victims of prejudice and oppression. All too often, they are targets of savage mauling and death by lunes who break the law to roam free on full-moon nights.

Twenty something bareback Lola Galley is already a veteran of the Department for the Ongoing Regulation of Lycanthropic Activities. When her friend loses a hand to a marauding lune, then is murdered before the attacker is brought to trial, Lola is desperate to see justice prevail. But the truth is seldom simple–and Lola may not like the shocking answers she uncovers.

Review: 99% of the population are werewolves, and for the very few that are born as 'barebacks', they are considered to have a disability, and are looked down upon by the rest of society. Being 'bareback' means that on a full moon night, they stay human and do not change into wolves, and so they have no choice by to join DORLA and hunt down rogue wolves who do not lock down, but instead roam outside illegally. When a friend of Lolas is mauled on a full-moon night by a rogue wolf and then later killed, she is determined to find out who it was. But along the way she find out some things that she would have never imagined...

This was a fairly enjoyable storyline, nothing particularly exciting or thrilling, but rather a slow paced story with a few twists. The characters are well written, but none are particularly endearing or likeable, although I really felt sorry for Lola at times. The world that is created is realistic and easily imaginable. The story was just generally a tad too slow going for my tastes, but it was interesting enough to keep me reading to find out what happened next. I'd say read it if you have nothing better, or can borrow it, but not a book to rush out and buy.

Book List '10

1. Kit Whitfield - Bareback 6/10
2. Erica Spindler - Breakneck 10/10
3. Lola Jaye - By The Time You Read This 7/10
4. Alyson Noel - Evermore 8/10
5. Vicki Myron - Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The World 7/10
6. Maggie Stiefvater - Shiver 10/10
7. Tess Gerritsen - Girl Missing 7/10
8. Dean Koontz - The Taking 8/10
9. L.J. Smith - The Strange Power 8/10
10. L.J. Smith - The Possessed 7/10
11. L.J. Smith - The Passion 5/10
12. Rebecca 'Bea' Dakin - The Girlfriend Experience 7/10
13. Markus Zusak - I Am The Messenger 9/10
14. Jeffery Deaver - The Blue Nowhere 9/10
15. Charlaine Harris - A Touch Of Dead 8/10

16. Charlaine Harris - Grave Secret 10/10
17. Sara Gruen - Water For Elephants 10/10
18. Tess Gerritsen - Bloodstream 10/10
19. Linwood Barclay - Too Close To Home 7/10
20. Harlan Coben - Hold Tight 10/10
21. Karen Rose - Die For Me 9/10
22. Karen Rose - Scream For Me 9/10
23. Karen Rose - Kill For Me 9/10

24. Jodi Picoult - Change Of Heart 8/10
25. Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows - The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society 8/10
26. Alyson Noel - Blue Moon 6/10
27. Morris Gleitzman - Once 9/10
28. Charlaine Harris - Dead Until Dark 10/10

29. Charlaine Harris - Living Dead In Dallas 10/10
30. Charlaine Harris - Club Dead 10/10
31. Charlaine Harris - Dead To The World 10/10
32. Charlaine Harris - Dead As A Doornail 10/10
33. Charlaine Harris - Definitely Dead 10/10
34. Charlaine Harris - All Together Dead 10/10
35. Charlaine Harris - From Dead To Worse 10/10
36. Charlaine Harris - Dead And Gone 10/10
37. Kelley Armstrong - Tales Of The Otherworld 10/10
38. Kelley Armstrong - Bitten 10/10
39. Kelley Armstrong - Stolen 10/10
40. Alexandra Sokoloff - The Harrowing 8/10
41. Vikas Swarup - Slumdog Millionaire 10/10

42. P.C. & Kristin Cast - Burned 4.5/10
43. Beth Fantaskey - Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side 8/10
44. Carrie Ryan - The Forest Of Hands & Teeth 10/10
45. Carrie Ryan - The Dead-Tossed Waves 9/10
46. Charlaine Harris - Dead In The Family 6/10
47. Laurie Halse Anderson - Wintergirls 8/10
48. Tess Gerritsen - Harvest 8/10
49. Becca Fitzpatrick - Hush, Hush 9/10
50. Lauren Kate - Fallen 7/10

51. Kelley Armstrong - The Summoning 9/10
52. Kelley Armstrong - The Awakening 10/10
53. Kelley Armstrong - The Reckoning 10/10
54. Alex Flinn - Beastly 5/10
55. Nicholas Sparks - Dear John 10/10
56. Stephenie Meyer - The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner 8/10
57. Gayle Forman - If I Stay 10/10
58. Ben Sherwood - The Death And Life Of Charlie St. Cloud 8/10
59. Tess Gerritsen - The Killing Place 10/10
60. Lauren Oliver - Before I Fall 9/10
61. Nicholas D. Satan - The Devil's Diaries 8/10
62. Suzanne LaFleur - Love, Aubrey 8/10

63. Jodi Picoult - Picture Perfect 8/10
64. Rachel Caine - Glass Houses 10/10
65. Rachel Caine - The Dead Girls' Dance 10/10
66. Rachel Caine - Midnight Alley 10/10
67. Rachel Caine - Feast Of Fools 10/10
68. Rachel Caine - Lord Of Misrule 9/10
69. Rachel Caine - Carpe Corpus 10/10
70. Rachel Caine - Fade Out 9/10
71. Rachel Caine - Kiss Of Death 10/10
72. Maggie Stiefvater - Shiver 10/10
73. Maggie Stiefvater - Linger 9/10

74. Sarwat Chadda - Dark Goddess 8/10
75. Kelley Armstrong - Waking The Witch 10/10
76. Linwood Barclay - Fear The Worst 8/10
77. Eve Edwards - The Other Countess 7/10
78. Carol Lynch Williams - The Chosen One 8/10
79. Charlaine Harris - Dancers In The Dark 8/10
80. Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat, Pray, Love 8/10
81. Sebastian Fitzek - Therapy 10/10
82. Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games 10/10
83. Suzanne Collins - Catching Fire 9/10
84. Suzanne Collins - Mockingjay 10/10

85. Alex Scarrow - TimeRiders: Day Of The Predator 8/10
86. Meg Cabot, Stephenie Meyer et al - Prom Nights From Hell 4/10
87. John Vornholt - Coyote Moon 6/10
88. Cormac McCarthy - The Road 9/10
89. Jay Asher - Thirteen Reasons Why 9/10
90. Tess Gerritsen - Presumed Guilty 8/10
91. Nikki Logan - Their Newborn Gift 6/10
92. James Dashner - The Maze Runner 8/10

93. J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone 8/10
94. Christopher Stookey - Terminal Care 8/10
95. Rosamund Lupton - Sister 10/10
96. Jeremy De Quidt - The Toymaker 4/10
97. Meg Cabot - Love You To Death 8/10
98. Meg Cabot - High Stakes 8/10
99. Pittacus Lore - I Am Number Four 8/10
100. Jo Nesbo - The Snowman 9/10
101. J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets 8/10
102. J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban 9/10

103. J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire 10/10
104. J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix 8/10
105. J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince 10/10
106. J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows 10/10
107. P.C. Cast - The Fledgling Handbook 6/10
108. Erica Spindler - Blood Vines 8/10

109. Susan Hill - The Small Hand 4/10
110. Dennis Lehane - Shutter Island 10/10
111. Kimberly Derting - The Body Finder 10/10
112. Simone Elkeles - Perfect Chemistry 7/10
113. Daniel Waters - Generation Dead 6/10
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