The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver

No. of pages: 430
Rating: 9/10

Synopsis: Wyatt Gillette, a cybergenius who's never used his phenomenal talent for evil, is sitting in a California jail doing time for a few harmless computer capers when he gets a temporary reprieve--a chance to help the Computer Crimes Unit of the state police nail a cracker (a criminally inclined hacker) called Phate who's using his ingenious program, Trapdoor, to lure innocent victims to their death by infiltrating their computers. Gillette and Phate were once the kings of cyberspace--the Blue Nowhere of the title--but Phate has gone way past the mischievous electronic pranks they once pulled and crossed over to the dark side.

Review: A cracker called Phate has found a way to invade people's computers, taking every piece of information about them from the machine and is then using it to murder them horrifically. The Crimes Computer Unit bring in Wyatt Gillette, a hacker that's in prison, to help them try and find Phate, but the Blue Nowhere is big, and Phate is determined to stay hidden...

This is the first Deaver I've read, but I knew from other people's reviews of him that he would be someone I'd love, and I was right. I was actually surprised at how he manages to make you feel like you've guessed what's going to happen and who the bad guy is, and then he does the complete opposite thing and throws you completely off track! A great storyline, actually quite scary when you think of something like this being possible. It goes to show that we really put our whole lives into our computers and never think about who could get into them and read everything. I loved Wyatt as a character, he and Bishop were my favourites, and I thought they were both written really well. My one dislike, and the reason I've knocked the 0.5 off is because there were so many male police officers, that I found it quite hard to remember who was who at times, and that frustrated me a little, but overall I loved the book and definitely will be reading another Deaver soon! Recommended for fans of thrillers, because in terms of not being able to guess what will happen next, this is one of the best I've ever read.
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