Review Policy

I am more than happy to review on this blog, but I must start by saying, I live in the United Kingdom, if you do not ship here, please do not ask me to review something to then realise down the line you do not ship here. If you do ship to the UK, then read on!

My favourite books are YA, thrillers or anything paranormal. I'm quite open to reviewing almost anything though, so chances are unless I really think I would not like it, I will give it a shot. I am honest in my reviews, whether that be in a positive or negative light, so please bear that in mind. When it comes to ebooks, I only accept books in Kindle format. I will try and get your book reviewed in a timely manner, but it may take up to 1-2 months depending on what I have going on. If we set a specific date, I will do my utmost to have it ready for that day. My reviews are always cross posted to Goodreads, and if you ask me to put it on to Amazon as well I have no problem in doing that. If the absolute worst happens and I do not gel with your book, I will email you to let you know, but that very rarely happens.
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