Release Dates ~
Saundra Mitchell - The Vespertine (7 Mar)
Bianca Turetsky - The Time-Traveling Fashionista (5 Apr)
Rachel Ward - Numbers 3: Infinity (6 Jun)
Thalia Chaltas - Displacement (9 Jun)
Lauren Baratz-Logsted - The Little Women (and Me) (16 Aug)
Jackson Pearce - Sweetly (23 Aug)
Markus Zusak - The Bridge Of Clay (1 Sep)
Charlaine Harris - The Sookie Stackhouse Companion (15 Sep)

Most Wanted ~
Tara Bennett - Lost Encyclopedia
Suzanne Harper - The Juliet Club
Oliver James - They F*** You Up
Ali McNamara - From Nottinghill With Love...Actually

Young Adult ~
Stephen Gately - The Tree Of Seasons
Joanne Horniman - Secret Scribbled Notebooks
Maureen Johnson - 13 Little Blue Envelopes
Jo Knowles - Lessons From A Dead Girl
Kristina McBride - The Tension Of Opposites
Ann Packer - The Dive From Clausen's Pier
Jerry Spinelli - Milkweed

Thriller ~
Emily Barr - The Sisterhood
Julie Corbin - Tell Me No Secrets
Alex Garland - The Coma
Sam Hayes - Tell-Tale / Unspoken
Liz Jensen - The Rapture
Stephen King - Goes To The Movies
Kevin Lewis - Kaitlyn
Alexandra Sokoloff - The Price
Erica Spindler - Forbidden Fruit
Boris Starling - Messiah
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Prince Of Mist

Fiction ~
Hans Christian Asbosen - The ASBO Fairy Tales
Gerald Brom - The Child Thief / The Plucker / The Devil's Rose
Polly Courtney - The Day I Died 
Lucy Dillon - Lost Dogs And Lonely Hearts
Keith Donohue - The Stolen Child
Chris Van Dusen - Grey's Anatomy: Notes From The Nurses Station
Mike Gayle - The To-Do List
Mary Hooper - Newes From The Dead
Judith Kerr - Out Of The Hitler Time
Maureen Lindley - The Private Papers Of Eastern Jewel
Gregory Maguire - Wicked
Haruki Murakami - A Wild Sheep Chase / Dance, Dance, Dance
Amy Krouse Rosenthal - Encyclopaedia Of An Ordinary Life
Emerson Spartz & Ben Schoen - Harry Potter Should Have Died
Carl-Johan Vallgren - The Horrific Sufferings Of The Mind-Reading Monster Hercules Barefoot

Non-Fiction ~
Jackie Clune - Extreme Motherhood: The Triplet Diaries
Ant & Dec - Ooh! What A Lovely Pair
Chris Ellis - Killer Catchers
Anne Frank - The Diary Of A Young Girl
Stephen Fry - Last Chance To See
Joseph Galliano - Dear Me: A Letter To My Sixteen-Year-Old Self
Mineko Iwasaki - Geisha Of Gion
Graham Norton - So Me
Bill Shapiro - Other People's Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant To See
Danny Wallace - Yes Man / Friends Like These
Julie Walters - That's Another Story
Frank Warren - Extraordinary Confessions From Ordinary Lives / My Secret / The Secret Lives of Men and Women / A Lifetime Of Secrets
Kevin Wells - Goodbye, Dearest Holly

Read But Don't Own ~
Tess Gerritsen - Keeping The Dead
Sara Gruen - Water For Elephants
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