The Possessed by L.J. Smith

No. of pages: 232
Rating: 7/10
Series: Dark Visions (Book 2)

Synopsis: A second volume in the Dark Visions trilogy follows Kaitlyn Fairchild and her four friends as they listen to the psychic voices calling them and travel to an isolated house, where terror awaits.

Review: Kait and the gang are travelling across the country, looking for the beach house they keep seeing in their dreams, but the journey is not easy, and there are lots of surprises in store...

I didn't think this was as good as the first book, but it was still an easy and interesting read. In this book the group face a different set of challenges and problems, and fight to overcome them with the support of each other. The characters and relationships with each other are starting to develop more as the series goes on, and after the cliff hanger at the end of this book, I interested to see where the final book in the series will take the group.
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