Girl Missing by Tess Gerritsen

No. of pages: 271
Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: The first body is a mystery. She's young. She's beautiful. And her corpse, laid out in the office of Boston medical examiner Kat Novak, betrays no secrets - except for a notebook clutched in one stiff hand, seven numbers scrawled inside. The next body is a warning. When a second victim is discovered, Kat begins to fear that a serial killer is stalking the city streets: a shadowy madman without mercy or apparent motive. The police are sceptical. The mayor won't listen. And Kat's chief suspect is one of the city's most prominent citizens. The final body...might be hers. With the death toll rising, Kat races to expose a deadly conspiracy and the brutal killer at its heart - a killer who will stalk her from the dangerous streets of the inner city to the corridors of power. Because he's closer than she ever dreamt. And every move she makes could be her very last.

Review: People start dying from overdosing on a new drug, one that's never been seen before. When Kat tries to tell the police and the mayor, she gets brushed off. So she decides to get to the bottom of it herself, but will she get out of it alive?

Before writing thrillers, Tess Gerritsen used to write romantic thrillers, heavy on the romance. Girl Missing is the first book in where she tries to make the transition to mainly thriller and not so much romance. Whilst not as good as her more recent books, there is a noticeable difference between this book and her more romantic type books. I liked the characters of Kat and Adam, and the thriller side of the plot was pretty good, gripping enough that I read it in one sitting, although it was a tad predictable. Worth a read I think if you're a fan of Gerritsen's or of romantic thrillers.
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