Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

No. of pages: 324
Rating: 10/10
Series: Sookie Stackhouse (Book 6)

Synopsis: Sookie doesn't have that many relations, so she hated to lose one - but of all the people to do, she didn't expect it to be her cousin Hadley, a consort of New Orleans' vampire queen - after all, Hadley was technically already dead. But she is gone, beyond recall, and she's left Sookie an inheritance - one that comes with a bit of a risk - not least because someone doesn't want Sookie digging too deep into Hadley's past - or her possessions. Sookie's life is once again on the line, and this time the suspects range from the rogue weres who reject Sookie as a friend of the pack to her first love, the vampire Bill. Sookie's got a lot to do if she's going to keep herself alive...

Review: When Sookie's vampire cousin Hadley is murdered, Sookie finds out she has left her an inheritance. So she travels to New Orleans to sort everything out, but what she doesn't realise is that her cousin left her an awful lot of trouble as well...

I was glad to see this book didn't have the missing something that the last one did. Sookie is back to being a trouble magnet and this book is full of action and mystery. Quinn was an interesting addition to the characters, and I was glad to see Eric pop up for a moment or two. He's still the funniest character in the series, and still my favourite. The end of this book links in with the next book, so I'm eager to read on and see how it all continues. Still a fantastic series, and I'm really enjoying it.
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