Blood Brother by J.A. Kerley

No. of pages: 436
Rating: 9/10
Series: Carson Ryder (Book 5)

Synopsis: The spine-chilling serial killer thriller featuring Carson Ryder - the homicide detective with a hidden secret that could destroy his career - these brothers have murder in their veins. Detective Carson Ryder's sworn duty is to track killers down. He's never revealed the fact that his brother, Jeremy, is one of America's most notorious killers -- now imprisoned. Secretly, Ryder has used Jeremy's homicidal insight to solve cases. He's made a career out of it. Now his brother's escaped and is at large in New York. With Jeremy the chief suspect in a series of horrifying mutilation-murders, a mysterious video demands Ryder be brought into help. It looks like a straightforward manhunt. It couldn't be more different -- or more terrifying. A dangerous cat-and-mouse game develops between Jeremy, and the NYPD with Ryder in the middle, trying to keep his brother alive and the cops in the dark. But it's a game of life, death and deceit, a game with an unknown number of players and no clear way of winning...

Review: Carson Ryder is a bit confused when he's rushed off to New York city without anybody telling him why, until he gets there and sees the video his murdered friend has left him. Somehow his serial killer brother, Jeremy, has escaped and is on the loose in New York, suspected of brutally killing more women. Trying to hide the fact that Jeremy is his brother, trying to find him, and trying to stop the NYPD from killing him becomes Carson's burden, but how much time does he have before things start falling apart?

Great plot, fast paced with plenty of gore and horror. These are my favourite kinds of books, I love the mix of murder and suspicion with the police investigation. They always manage to keep you on the edge of your seat, and this was no exception. The characters were well written, you feel a lot of sympathy for Carson, he obviously knows his brother must be caught, but he doesn't want him to be hurt. Jeremy is of the genius murder variety, so he always manages to keep one step ahead of the investigation. The ending was a complete surprise, not at all as I expected, but it was a great ending. The plot was very good throughout, it was well written and kept me gripped. Really enjoyed the story and I'll be sure to go back and get the initial books in the series.
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