Home Before Dark by Charles Maclean

No. of pages: 474
Rating: 9/10

Synopsis: It's the news every parent dreads: Ed Lister's world changes forever the day he hears his art-student daughter has been brutally murdered in Florence. A year later, frustrated with the police inquiry, Ed vows to find Sophie's killer. His quest leads to a mysterious website – and its owner, Ward, a charming, brilliant psychopath. But as the search for Ward follows a trail of bodies across Europe to America, some of Ed's own secrets begin to emerge. And the question arises: is Ed the hunter, or the hunted?

Review: When Ed Lister's daughter Sophie is violently killed while studying in Florence he's devestated, but when after a year there is still no progress towards finding her killer, Ed decides to take it into his own hands. He has the money and the determination to track the killer down, but upon finding the killer's website he realises this is no normal person. This deadly game of cat and mouse highlights the dangers of the internet and how easy it is for someone to get far to close with deadly consequences...

Great story, although slightly creepy when you think of how easily this could happen in real life. It's fast paced and the language used is very easy to get into. The storyline is really clever, I liked how it progressed and then had an explosive ending. I'm not sure whether I liked Ed Lister as a character, but I think that's how you're meant to feel. I really enjoyed this book, and have heard good things about his other books also, so I'll definitely be looking out for those as well.
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