The Fury by L.J. Smith

No. of pages: 192
Rating: 6/10
Series: Vampire Diaries (Book 3)

Synopsis: Faced with an ancient evil, Stefan and Damon must stop their feuding and join forces with Elena to confront it. But in so doing, they are unwittingly sealing her fate...

Review: There's something very evil in Fell's Church and it's stronger than anyone imagines, so Elena, Stefan and Damon group together to try and conquer it, only it doesn't go to plan...

I'm so glad to say that these books are definitely getting better as they go on, and although I wouldn't say they're overly great, they are pretty easy to read. There was a lot more happening in this story, which made it a lot more enjoyable to read, but the ending was a big surprise, so I'm interested to see where that goes in the next story.
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