Shocking Pink by Erica Spindler

No. of pages: 498
Rating: 8/10

Synopsis: They were only watching.

The mysterious lovers the three girls spied on were engaged in a deadly sexual game no one else was supposed to know about. Especially not Andie and her friends, whose curiosity had deepened into a dangerous obsession...

Now, fifteen years later, someone is watching Andie. Someone who won't let her forget the unsolved murder of "Mrs. X" or the disappearance of "Mr. X." Suddenly Andie doesn't know who her friends are . . . because loyalty can be murder.

Andie. Julie. Raven. Three very different women bound by more than friendship.

Review: When 15 year olds Andie, Julie and Raven see a couple having disturbingly kinky sex in an empty house, they decide to watch to see what happens with the couple they dubb 'Mr & Mrs X'. But when 'Mrs X' is found dead, the girls are frightened, but when 'Mr X' isn't found, they move on with their lives. Until 15 years later, when 'Mr X' reappears, sending them scary messages to let them know he's back in town.

This is one of Erica's earlier books and is more 'Mills & Boon' than her current books, and I found it to be quite a different read to the others I've read by her. I did enjoy it, but found all the kinky sex a bit too much, and I didn't think there was enough of the thrilling story that I'm used to from this author. I would definitely recommend her later books, such as See Jane Die and Copycat.
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