Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

No. of pages: 275
Rating: 9/10
Series: Dexter (Book 1)

Synopsis: Dexter Morgan appears to be the perfect gentleman. He leads a normal, quiet life working as a forensic officer for the Miami Police. He has a nice, shy girlfriend and is liked by her young children. But Dexter has a secret hobby. He's an accomplished serial killer. So far he's killed dozens of people and has never been caught, because he knows exactly how to dispose of the evidence. And there are those who would rather he wasn't caught at all, because Dexter is a serial killer with a difference. He only kills the city's bad guys. Then Dexter's well-organised life is thrown into chaos. Another serial killer is invading his territory - and he wants Dexter to come out and play...

Review: Dexter Morgan, blood splatter analyst during the day and serial killer at night. But a serial killer with a twist, he only kills bad guys that deserve it. However, when another serial killer encroaches on his turf and starts playing games with him, how is it all going to end?

I've seen the Dexter tv show, so knew pretty much all of this story, even the twist at the end. However, there are some things that are in the book that are not in the tv show, so there were a few bits which were new, and I found that overall, the book sheds more light on Dexter as a person, rather than Dexter the serial killer, which I really enjoyed. I can't wait to read on in the series, but I'm hoping that there will be storylines in the books that I haven't seen on the show!
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