Keeping The Dead by Tess Gerritsen

No. of pages: 349
Rating: 8/10
Series: Rizzoli/Isles (Book 7)

Synopsis: When medical examiner Isles studies an X-ray scan of Madame X, which everyone assumes is a newly discovered Egyptian mummy, at Boston's Crispin Museum, she realizes the mummy isn't a priceless artifact but a recent murder victim, gruesomely preserved. Rizzoli focuses the police investigation on Dr. Josephine Pulcillo, a young archeologist recently hired by the museum who may have something to hide. More victims soon turn up, including a tsantsa (shrunken head) in a hidden museum chamber and a corpse resembling a well-preserved bog body in Pulcillo's car. After Pulcillo disappears, Rizzoli and Isles must scramble to find her before she becomes another trophy in the killer's growing collection.

Review: The next book in the Rizzoli/Isles series, and it was pretty good. Tess obviously did a lot of research into Egyptology and mummy type preservation and it shows fantastically in the story. My two little disappointments with the book were that I guessed a few of the big plot lines way in advance of the ending, but also that there wasn't as much gripping action in this one compared to previous books in this series. All in all, I thought the book was good, I'll definately be buying it when it comes out in paperback for my collection, but it didn't get the 5/5 that a Tess Gerritsen book usually gets.
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