Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

No. of pages: 168
Rating: 4/10

Synopsis: At 18 years old, after a shockingly brief interview with a doctor, Susanna Kaysen was sent to a psychiatric hospital where she spent most of the next two years. It was 1967, and this extraordinary account examines the 'parallel universe' of life on the teenage girls' ward. The outside world romping through the late 1960s is set against the extraordinary, the funny and the tragic events in the lives of the girls inside, brilliantly exploring the sane and insane, illness and recovery.

Review: To be frankly honest I found this pretty boring and at times quite tedious to read. There was no depth to the story, it was disjointed and randomly shot off in different tangents and there are chapters just full of random rambling. It almost felt as though this wasn't really a book about her time in the ward, but merely a chance to say "they were wrong and I wasn't crazy". The film is a millions times better and I would recommend that over the book, however, the book tells you what happens to some of the other girls after she leaves the ward and you don't find that out in the film. Not something I would bother to re-read.
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