Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver

No. of pages: 275
Rating: 8/10
Series: Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness (Book 2)

Synopsis: As the Moon of No Dark waxes large, the clans fall prey to a horrifying sickness. Fear stalks the Forest. No one knows the cause—and only Torak can find the cure.

His quest takes him across the sea to the mysterious islands of the Seal Clan. Here, Torak battles an unseen menace and uncovers a betrayal that will change his life—forever.

Review: When people from all the clans start falling sick, Torak goes off in search of a cure. After ending up on the Seal Clan island, he finds out about a lot of things that have been hidden from him, and fights to stop the sickness...

This was a great continuation of the series, again jam packed with a great storyline and lots of action. I liked the fact that Torak had grown up a bit more in this book, and I was very pleased to see the return of my favourite characters from the first book. I liked the introduction of the Seal Clan and their ways which are so different to the Clans we read about in Wolf Brother. A really enjoyable series so far, and I'm eager to read more!
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