Take A Girl Like Me by Amy Bohan

No. of pages: 295
Rating: 8/10

Synopsis: Having grown up in Wales, Amy Louise excelled at sport (representing her country in athletics), was spotted by a model agent and then came to London to work on the London Fashion Week catwalks. Very soon she was addicted to cocaine and alcohol, stopped eating and her life rapidly spiralled down until she found herself at the mercy of a drug dealer who regularly raped her. Her extraordinary story pulls no punches and brings into sharp focus the lies perpetrated by the glamorous image of Fashion Week and and the tabloid perspective.

Review: A harrowing true story about how one woman's life spiralled out of control. From drugs to celebrities, booze, rape and self harm, this book really has it all, and shockingly it all happened to Amy.

I started this book a few hours ago and couldn't put it down until I finished the last page. It was just gripping, and I can't believe that someone could actually survive so much in such a short space of time and come out the other side relatively unharmed, it seems crazy! I found it quite shocking that everything just spiralled out of control so quickly, but I wanted to reach into the pages and scoop Amy out to safety. Having gone through a few of the same things, I could relate to certain parts of her life and it wasn't a far stretch to see how it all turned to drugs and alcohol as an escape. I was so glad to read that Amy managed to pretty much overcome it all and emerge on the other side, it must have taken a lot of strength to do that, and I certainly admire her!
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